Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lovely Time at Button Oak Art Club

We had a lovely time at Button Oak art club today--not the biggest we have ever been to but certainly one of the keenest!

They had some problems with the boiler after we arrived but to be honest it didn't effect me-as I was busy painting the 2 pictures!
 Lots of questions throughout the demo and most of the club want me to return and do a workshop at their village hall where we were today.
 So I have to have a look at my diary and see when we can come to an arrangement-am really looking forward to going back and meeting everyone again--Janice and Catherine won the paintings-- everyone seemed to be amazed at the Winter Wonderland one and how it came about using transparent paint on the black background!

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Vivien said...

I am delighted to have been told about your Blog. My sister Kate attended your Button Oak Art Day. It is very inspirational to amateur artists like myself and I only wish I could have joined you. I live in rural France in the Charente. It is a great place to paint but lonely! We need classes like yours. Fancy a trip to France?! Keep up the good work,
From an instinctive artist, Vivien