Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not On Market...

I will not be on the market tomorrow--my sciatica is playing up again and the cold weather does not help it at all!
I have got to go and see a chiropractor sooner rather than later.....
The weather is bad here as well-bad snow and ice so don't suppose there will be many folk about up there anyway.
I'm hoping to be there again on the Wed 8th, Sun 12th, Wed 15th and Wed 22nd December.
Then I'm having a break from the market until end of March /beginning of April-all depending on the weather!
I have 2 full classes-Summer Day and Stormy Skies already next year and bookings in all the other classes as well.
Lots of gift vouchers have been bought for Christmas pressies as well so I think the classes will be be booking up even quicker after Christmas!

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