Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mellow Moods Workshop Nov 20th

It was lovely to see Lyn, Richard and their children Zac aged 9 and Alice age 12
Karen and Gill have been several times before-but Gillian on the right was here for the first time!
Zac got on well with his acrylic under painting...very mystical
Gillian was very nervous as she had never painted before--but she had beautiful  results
didn't have Natalie with me today to wash brushes-she has a sprained ankle -hope she feels better soon
we had to use the hairdryers to make sure the acrylic was dry before we coated the canvas with linseed oil

Bob used the autumn colours-the red colour added a warmth to the finished painting

Kath was with me for the third time--and bought along her friend Ruth -
Peter joined us for the first time today--we had met him at Tenbury show
We met Robbie at Burwarton show -he loved it and made a cracking job of his painting..
Kath is adding the colour here--lovely and vibrant--and a  definite spring time feel to it.
Maureen was painting for the  4th time today-her confidence has grown and grown-
Ruth was convinced that she wouldn't be able to do a good painting--when we got to the end she told me she was very impressed with her painting
Lyn , Zac,Alice and Richard with their masterpieces--all very different-but all good!
Peter,Maureen,Bob and Gillian with thier lovely paintings
Gill, Karen,Robbie, Kath and Ruth -what lovely atmospheric paintings!
All of them together with their paintings-great results and looking forward to seeing all of them again!

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