Monday, November 01, 2010

Sunshine After The Rain ---Sat 30th Oct

Cant believe I forgot to update my blog with Saturdays workshop results! Mind you I have been busy since the end of class!

 We had 2 students not turn up--unexpectedly-as they don't normally loose me down--still haven't managed to contact them-hope everything is OK with them.
However Lyndsey rang at 9.15am on the off chance  of a  space so she came along as an extra!
I had Nat a Tat in to help make the tea,coffee and clean up after students! She had a go at Bills usual job--making boxes for the students to take their paintings home in--and got in a right 2 and 8 with the tape !
Everyone had been before except Trine-who was painting for the first time--her painting is going to be a surprise present for her parents for Christmas.I know her sister reads my blog--so keep quiet Lisa!!
The class went well--it was quite a challenging one to do--getting the angles correct on the grassy banks was quite hard but it was the stones and pebbles around the puddles that caused the most tutting under the breath with the students!
We had some messy palettes at the end--thank goodness they are the tear off type-- soon sorted!

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