Friday, November 26, 2010

Lots Of Birds!

Its a complete mad house here at the moment--we have my daughters African grey parrot here while she is on holiday--PIP is 33 years old and came from the same forum that we had our Jake off--she is such a little star bless her.
When we were on the market on Wednesday she must have been teaching our Jake some new stuff-he has been calling Wayne and whistling her tunes!
When Bill came in the front room with some toast she shouted "gis some" and wont shut up til she has some of what ever he is eating!
She has a habit of chewing up her newspaper that lines the bottom of her cage--it looks like a little mouse has been in there---it looks like my boys have been copying that as well--both of them have been carrying paper to the top of the cage to rip up!
She loves you to sing or whistle "half a pound of tuppenny rice" to her when it gets to "Pop " goes the weasel she goes "POP" so me and Bill are sat here on the sofa singing and whistling to her--laughing our heads off!

Ive been able to get some more good snaps of the birds visiting our garden as well--the woodpecker has been a recent visitor lately-and we now have up to 11 or 12 goldfinches here everyday eating the nigger  seed that we put out ,there is so much to watch and listen to with the wildlife out here!

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