Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ludlow Medieval Fayre-what a day

Bill and Adrian looked the part--we had set up early and got our electric heater  running in our stall--there is now way we could have managed without it,
I had leggings, tracksuit bottoms and tights under my dress--then I had a wool shawl and a thick velvet coat on top-but had taken it off for the photos
Wilma made my coat for me out of some velvet cutains-she made lots of the medieval costumes worn on the market today!
Jean and Paula are regulars on the Wednesday market and we always have a good laugh with them-
Mark has the cheese stall on the market--Wilma made his outfit too--
Edmound makes the most wonderful things out of willow--we have got a couple of dragonflies he has made in our garden--his hands were as warm as toast all day--nothing to do with the fact he was weaving he said--"come up any time and I will warm you up "he said..... what an offer!

Bob the Baker had to be the bravest or daftest man on the market today--he assured us he was Au Naturale under his kilt--I have to confess--I didnt check if he was telling the truth---the funniest thing is Bob is Irish!
Debbie and Fleur---a pair of great mates--we always have such a great laugh with them--Debbie comes with Mick on a motorbike-and they were bloody freezing when they arrived  this morning--Fleur and her chap had to leave their van loaded up miles away from their home in order to be able to  come today---Im thinking I wouldnt of bothered if it were me!

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