Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lovely Day

We had a lovely day today--Lin our dear friend came over from Hereford to take some photos of the new pictures and some of the older ones to make images for my greetings cards. It was great to see her-its been a while!
I always leave it up to Lin as to whether she uses all of a picture or crops it --she has an excellent eye for what will work.the time flew by and she has 125 images on her camera to take home and play with! I cant wait to see the new cards! Lin has got some cracking ideas for some of them!
I will put them onto the website as soon as I have them- you can see some of the ones available already on the website www.paintingmyway.co.uk 

I have been having fun with my new camera--its got a fab 12x zoom on it and it means I can get some great close ups of the birds feeding in our garden.We have regular visits from the 7 coloured linnets or gold finches as they are sometimes known.We have loads of tom tits,great tits,sparrows and nut hatches as well-but its the linnets that fascinate me. While all the other birds eat really quickly, always on the lookout and ready to fly-the linnets eat very steady-taking their time and almost savouring every beak full!
Apart from the birds I have been busy taking lots of shots of other things--got lots to learn--and Im looking forward to playing about with different subjects--I will take it down the market with me tomorrow and see what I can photograph there!

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