Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13th "Stormy Poppies"

 We had less than expected today what with illness and job committments we were 5 down-but these things cant be helped--but 5 of the 8 were complete first time artists and we all had a great day. Doreen had traveled from Carphilly yesterday and stayed at The Mount which is not far from our venue.She was painting for the second time with us.
Jan has been umpteen times now and Carole was painting for the 3rd time .
Everone was amazed at how little paint was needed to create the picture-and they were all laughing at the bashing brush and tickling brushes-but soon realised how easy they made the job -in no time at all we has some stunning skies and seas going on.
The knife work on the sea went well and we were soon ready to add the beautiful red poppies.
We had some visitors in the last part of class--Sam and Gem who have been to 5 classes called by to pick up some brushes in order to  to carry on at home--Gem came in with a suprise--a neat little baby bump--due in Feb!
It was lovely to see them again-and of course once Bill got the brushes out of the van everyone wanted some--sold 4 complete sets and have to order some more now!
We were nearly finished by the time we stopped for lunch at 12pm-so it was quite relaxed when we started back .
Doreen bought me some books--I had mentioned on Facebook that I was reading Nigel Slaters biography Toast-and she fancied reading it-so we did a swap! So Ive now got Peter Kay 'The sound of laughter' to get stuck into when I get chance!
At the end of the class everyone had the choice of leaving the sides of the chunky canvas left white or black--Bill painted the black on with acrylic-which finished them off nicely.
They got busy with the hairdryers to get it dry then!

They sign the paintings flat on the table as it makes life easier.. Doreen has left hers with us to post on to her when its dry--she kindly bought back the box we sent the last one in-so we will use that next time in  Dec as its a different size to todays canvas--
I really enjoyed today-a great bunch of girls--lots of banter going on -Bill gets a bit of stick when its an all girl class--but he does give as good as he gets-which makes for a great laugh!
Im looking forward to seeing everyone again--

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