Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesbury Art Society-last nights demo

 It was lovely to do a demo in such lovely surroundings--its a shame we didn't have time to have a proper look round at the paintings.
It took an hour and half to get there with all the traffic-
they were a great crowd and it was good to see some young members there as well.
I had decided to paint a waterfall painting first-and although I was stopping to explain what I was doing I had it finished in less than 20 mins. After showing it all round to the members I got started on my 2nd painting Reeds in the Breeze--I managed to pick up some black oil paint when doing the water--but it just aided my demo by showing how forgiving the oils are when I just got some kitchen towel and wiped it off the canvas! I had the painting finished and shown round by 7.50pm--
everyone was astounded by the speed--and they told me I now held the record for being the quickest artist they had ever had there! After having a coffee with everyone I did the second part of my demo--the story of how it all  started and what happens in the workshops--
the time flew by- and I managed to get a couple of snaps of some of the wonderful works of art on display there--
Tom won the raffle for the Waterfall and Ron won the Reeds in the Breeze,It was a very enjoyable night--by the time we got home my voice had nearly gone again-and my cough had returned.
Today I was quite rough again--the bug I picked up a couple of weeks ago seems to come and go quite randomly--I havent even got dressed today--so have cancelled tomorrows market- I will stay in the warm and make sure Im ok for Saturdays class!

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