Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sunflowers Workshop Nov 6th

 We had a lovely time in class today--a lovely bright and cheerful subject--Sunflowers
.Lyndsey and Maureen have been before-but Amanda , Christina, Tony, Martin and  Maysoon were all newbies.
It was so interesting to see how everyone tackled the subject-when everyone stood back and took a look at what they had done-they were all quite surprised at the differences in their paintings.
We had lots of laughs during class about lots of things--mainly nothing to do with art-but chickens!
The time flew by quickly--and Tony got finished in time to go and watch the rugby on TV-so he had his photo taken before the group photo! We will see him for the Birch Trees in Dec.
Christina runs a beautiful B+B in nearby Clunton called Bush farm  take a look at her website
she has free range chickens and geese and you can also take your horse on holiday with you to her farm--all the details are on the website.
Christina's painting is going to Bristol tomorrow to her daughter as a birthday present--Bill made a box for her to take it in safely--her family don't know she has been to the workshop today-so will be stunned when they see her painting---she is booked into another 3 workshops-both acrylic and oils.
Amanda has painted in watercolours before--and she loved the way you could keep changing things--something you cant do with watercolour.
All in all a great day--great fun and great results.

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