Sunday, October 03, 2010

Todays Workshop--"Reeds In The Breeze"

I have had a great time today doing a private workshop for Sarah and her family at their home.
Sarah's hubby Wayne had booked it as a surprise birthday present for her, after she had seen me at Shobdon Food and drink a couple of years ago.

After checking with Wayne that they had plenty of room and good light when he rang to arrange it, I was happy to put it in my diary!
We arrived at 12.15pm and quickly got the easels and other equipment set up ready to start--none of them had ever tryed anything like this before--their children 16 year old Jack and 9 year old Caris were really looking forward to it.
I took along several variations of the Reeds in the Breeze for them to choose from--so they didn't have identical end results.. The paintings all made fast progress--everyone laughed at the bashing and tickling brushes--but agreed it all helped them to understand the process  easier.The skies and sea were all sooo different to start with.Wayne chose to put some purple in his sky, which completely changed it- he had a beautiful atmospheric sky by the time he had finished tickling !
 They all proved to be naturals with the knife-and the waves appeared as if by magic--then came the bush brush-again I was met with laughter when I told them the name of this one--but they all produced great bushes really quickly.Wayne and Sarah chose to do red poppies and Jack and Caris purple ones--the time had flown by and the results were all beautiful.
Sarah's friend was passing and she called her in to have a look at the results--and her face when she saw the paintings was a picture. She just couldn't believe that they had done the paintings in such a short time.
the paintings were hung straight up on the wall--the safest place for them-as you can bet something or someone will touch them if you don't-and as the paint is wet for some time it is easily marked-so the wall is always the safest option--that's why all the canvas are strung ready to hang by Bill.
Sarah has a couple of friends who are interested in doing a class--and when they see the family's results they will be very impressed I'm sure!
We were very interested to hear that Wayne competed in the World Triathlon last year in Australia--and is ranked 39th in the world--its really amazing the people we have met through the workshops--and the reason I look forward to every single one of them!

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