Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back Home!

We had a great time in the club on our last night at Dawlish-there was a talent contest for children and teenagers--there were some names to look out for in the future singing--there were balloons on all the tables, and some came floating over as we left so they came back to the caravan with us!
We arrived home yesterday after calling at Weston Supemare to have my tattoo touched up a bit!
I had my bird of paradise redone there a year ago-and when I got home realised there was a tiny bit missing--nobody noticed it but me--so we called by to get it done-Rob who originaly did the tattoo for me couldnt work out what had happened--but never mind--its done now!
We had to laugh at the sign he had up on the wall in his studio!
The huge wheel is still there on the front-and the pier re-opened today- so no doubt we will visit it and have a mooch there.

We are unpacked, the washing done and all ready for work again tomorrow--on the Art Market on Castle Square Ludlow, really looking forward to it--even if it will be a bit cold!

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