Saturday, October 02, 2010


I want to thank  Nat for all her help again today--she really is invaluable-she helps me set out the tables, prepare the canvas, replenishes paint, cleans brushes and most important of all--makes all the teas and coffee during the classes.She now has a full set of painting clothes--as she manged to get blue paint all over her grey leggings, she got paint on her top last time bless her-but at least she  remembered to wear it today!
We seemed to be laughing all day during the "Serenity" workshop--last week we had a mucky pup--but this week we had 2 of em!
Irene managed to get blue paint all over her neck and face--then a minute later we found Jaye had some how got blue paint over her face hands and her coffee mug!

We had several mucky palettes as well-as you can see!
I think Jaye wins the prize for the most paint on a person though-as you can see from the photos--she had paint all over her face and hands -although I was nearly as bad--they were all having a laugh at my blue streak over my forehead!

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