Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking Forward

Well we have done the last day on the market today for a while--we are off on our holidays on Friday morning-down to Dawlish in Devon  for 8 nights.
Must admit I'm really looking forward to it--I have worked for the last 5 weekends -Sat and Sun-doing workshops and craft fairs  as well as all the other stuff during the week--keeping all 4 of my websites and blog updated---
getting new paintings done etc etc.
I had a very busy day on the market today-and didn't get any painting done except a new small poppy fields one!
It was lovely to see Wendy again-she attended last Saturday's workshop, she came down from Cumbria where she works with the heavy horses riding school.
It looks like she is going to come down again for the Winter Wonderland workshop next year.
I also had another recent student call by and stock up with brushes and paint etc-so there will be some masterpiece's going on in homes as well as my workshops.I cant wait to see the results!

One of my students took her painting into school recently and showed everyone--and as a result it looks like we may be fitting an extra private workshop in during November --with all the teachers!
I'm doing a couple of demonstrations for art clubs in November as well-- both a fair distance away from me-one in the day time and one in the evening -
so that will be interesting--I love doing demos for art clubs--they always have lots of interesting questions to ask!
I will be putting the photos on here as always of the demos--watch this space...

 We are back on the market the Sunday after we arrive back from Dawlish doing an '' art market'' not sure what that will entail--but hopefully it will mean that there will be lots of artists there all selling their paintings-so some interesting people to meet and chat to.

Im off to try and finish some packing now--Im determined to set off early on Friday--we are usualy running round like headless chickens on the morning we leave!

Bill is going to fetch my friend Jeannie tomorrow--she always comes to pet-sit for us--she regards it as her holiday- and we will have a great evening with her tomorrow with a nice meal and a glass of wine before we leave in the morning.
All the animals love having her here-they get spoiled rotten....and Jeannie will keep us updated twice a day while we are away as to how they all are!

I will have internet access while Im away-but obviously wont be able to post any orders off that come in while we are away--but normal service will resume on the following Monday.25th Oct

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