Friday, October 08, 2010

Hadnall Art Club-"The Friday Painters"

                                                                                                    We had an early start today-away from    home before 8am in order to get to Hadnall "Friday Painters" to do the workshop. Only one of the members had tried oils before -and she had not tryed the wet on wet method. Some of the members have got Parkinsons Disease which makes life difficult to say the least-however we had loads of laughs right from the word go-- the "Painting My Way" unique names for the brushes made life easier for everyone--when we use the bashing brush-everyone knew what we would do with it--the same with the tickling brush --it seemed within no time we had some  beautiful paintings happening.......the knife work didn't seem to faze anyone-we had some fantastic waves in no time at all! Everyone was amazed at how easy it was-its very forgiving medium--any small mistakes were quickly and easily rectified-either with bashing or tickling!

As always it was very interesting to see just how different everyones paintings were---some chose to do just grasses and not poppies--but all of the paintings were just beautiful--- you can see their website 
We had quite a lot of brushes to clean ready for tomorrows workshop of Summer Day.....still waiting for Bill to invent the perfect brush cleaning machine!

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