Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More From Dawlish !

We are having a lovely holiday here in Dawlish. The weather has been gorgeous-we haven't needed a coat yet-though tomorrow (Wed) is supposed to cooler so we may need them then!
We visited Cockinton Apple Day --Food and  Crafts Festival on Sunday.It was interesting being on the other side of the stall for once!
We bought lots of goodies while there--bread, cheese and chutneys which we had for supper that night!
We had lots of laughs at the fire-eater who was a proper comedian -he had the audience in fits of laughter!
Its been lovely exploring the surrounding areas--Teinmouth,Torquay, Paignton and today Newton Abbott.
Ive taken lots of photos as  reference for future paintings and classes.
I loved this birch tree that was growing by the stream, some beautiful markings on it.
The famous black swans in Dawlish were joined by some unusal gueese today--no idea what they were but very beautiful.
Poor Bill was swooped upon by loads of pigeons as soon as he got the stale cake out-
Ive taken a booking for Oct next year for a demo this morning--I have the calls diverted to my mobile while Im away--it saves Jeannie who pet/house sits for me having to deal with the calls.She has enough to do looking after the pets-without that!
We will be at Alverly Ladies Guild next Oct 24th 2011
I wont be long till Im in bed--the sea air always knows me out--and Im enjoying the rest--but the time is going so fast-wont be long until the holidays over!

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Peter Williams said...

I love that first photo. If you cropped off the bottom shoreline bit it would make a remarkable picture printed on canvas.