Monday, October 25, 2010

Someones In For A Suprise......

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow--Ive got a lady coming to paint-who doesn't know she is coming to paint!
Ali has brought many unsuspecting friends to me in the past few years--she doesn't do birthday and Christmas pressies-instead she surprises them with a painting one to one!
They have no idea where she is taking them-they are just told to wear old clothes.
The looks on their faces when they walk in and see the easel , paint and canvas is wonderful--then the fear kicks in and they all say "but I cant paint" that's when the photograph albums and comments book come in handy --they can see the results others have achieved straight away and calm down a bit!
Then as soon as we start painting in the small step by steps they relax and enjoy it.

I cant get to much prepared before hand because I don't know what sort of painting she will want to do--so just the brushes will be ready for her.
We can have a cuppa while I get the paint out and canvas prepared.
Bill is going to move the van off the drive in the morning so she doesn't click when they pull up and spoil the surprise!
I will put the photos on here tomorrow.

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