Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sue's Suprise Art Class!

Well Sue had the shock of her life today when she was bought along to my home by her friend Ali.
All she had been told by Ali was to wear old clothes and to bring her glasses.
Poor Sue thought she was going to spend the day mucking out horses--logical really as Ali rescues horses and ponies!
Her face was a picture (pun intended!) when she came in and saw the easel set up and brushes at the ready!
I showed her my website www.paintingmyway.co.uk  and the class subjects she had to choose from.
She loved the Reeds in the Breeze picture with the red poppies-so I quickly got the paint on the palettes and showed her the first stage of it.
After a bit of bashing and tickling (technical terms for Painting My way)
she soon had a wonderful sky--the sea quickly followed-by this time all the nerves had completely disappeared and Sue was painting with lots of confidence!
 When it came to creating the waves-the knife is an invaluable tool--it creates texture and detail in a few strokes--and Sue was very quick at picking up where to put the pressure on the knife to get the paint coming off in the right place.
Then came the fun bit--the 'bush' brush--within seconds there was loads of foliage on the canvas.
A few strokes with the silicon wiping out tool and she had grasses galore!
Then we used the liner brush with some thinned down oil paint to add more grasses.
We couldn't believe how quickly the painting was nearly finished--and as we had time to spare I showed Sue how to add a bit more detail to the sky by using the round brush and some white paint.
She had soon tickled some lovely clouds into her sky, and was ready to add the final touches with her poppies.
Its quite incredible to watch a nervous wreck turn into a competent artist in the space a just 3 hours,and she cant wait to take her painting into school where she works to show everyone!
Ali was well impressed when she came back to pick her up--Bill had made a box for her to take her painting home safely--she needed a lid for the box as Ali's car is always full of straw and bales of hay--
Im sure everyone will love her finished painting, she has taken away some leafets as well to give out if anyone is interested in coming to paint their own! She is under orders not to hang the wet painting in the front room where the woodburner is until its dry--and its proberly safest in the box until then.

I had great fun teaching Sue--and she said it was much more fun than mucking out horses!

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