Saturday, October 09, 2010

Class of Oct 9th -"Summer Day"

We had a lovely mix of old and new students in today's workshop--6 newbies and 5 who have been before- 3 have been just once before and Jenny twice , Gill has been a few times now and will get her artist brooch next time we see her.
Elaine bought along 2 of her friends--Dianne who is a vet and Felicity who is a paramedic- they were both a bit nervous about doing the painting-but they soon had the brushes under control and quickly had the sky and sea done.
Maxine had received a gift voucher-and was equally nervous about painting--I told everyone I had left the whip at home so they had nothing to worry about!

Rosemary and Jan were staying at the nearby pub The Maidenhead Inn at Orleton--they had camper vans-- and stayed there on my recommendation--they were very happy with the site--and at only £7.50 a night including electric it was very reasonable!
Wendy had travelled down from Cumbria-she helps out with the heavy horse riding school  Wendy painted very lightly-and her finished painting was just beautiful--very subtle-she left out the poppies and did some daisies instead-which suited her painting just right.We are going to make an effort  to get up there next year--its been years since Ive been horse riding!
Neil had been to the Poppy Field class a while back-and said his painting had pride of place on his girlfriends wall!  He did purple poppies on that one and it worked really well.
It never fails to amaze me just how different the paintings all turn out -each and every one has the artists mark on them--as long as the students go away happy-I'm happy-and judging by the amount of repeat bookings I get -they all go away very happy indeed!
I had an email from  Elaine earlier to say that everyone loved the class and all the paintings got home safely--but when they called into town for a look around Felicity (the paramedic) had to help a lady who had fallen and broken her arm-- we had actually driven by on route to Tesco and seen the ambulance-didn't notice Felicity and co there --it just proves you are never off duty.

Dianne the vet has kindly offered our Natalie ( my little helper) the chance to go over to Wales and have a day with her at the vets--which Natalie is over the moon at as she wants to be a vet
Nat is a great help in class-she puts out paint,washes brushes,makes the drinks and even takes the photos for me--
tonight I tryed to print the photos off of the class today and its not working--so I have to look for a new one--will have to check out my paperwork--am sure it was insured for 3 years!

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