Saturday, October 02, 2010

Todays Class "Serenity"

We seemed to be laughing all day today during the "Serenity" workshop!
We had another couple of 'Messie Tessie's'--there is something about that blue paint !
we also had 2 Karens and 2 Caroles in class today!
We had a real mix of newbies and more experienced students today--5 were first timers,4 had been once and the other 4 had been a few times-ranging from 3 ---20 odd classes!

The newbies were all convinced they would not be able to do it--as is normal-but I reassured them it would be OK and of course they were.
After everyone had decided which colours they wanted to do we got cracking--Karen 1 wanted a painting to match her bedroom-in yellows and browns,which worked well.Kira wanted to do a pink one to match her bedroom--loved it--quite a different feel to it than the other colours,
Then we had blues,dusky lilacs and green for the others.
Doreen had spotted my work in the window when I had my display in the shop while on a day trip to Ludlow-she booked up with me and then the guest house I mentioned a while ago on here--The Mount, Gravel Hill, Ludlow.

She was bought along to the workshop by the owner Ray who is also happy to arrange transport from the station for anyone traveling by train as Doreen was.
She travelled from Caerphilly in Wales yesterday to be with us and is joining us again for the Stormy Poppies on Nov 13th. She told us it was the best guest house she had ever stayed in--and she said she had stayed in lots--the breakfast was to die for-and it was spotlessly clean. But as they are so good there they get booked up quickly so you need to book well in advance!
(Ive just recieved an email from Doreen saying she has arrived back safely -and she had passed on my leaflet to some people she met on the train who she got chatting to!) She has left her painting with me--I  will post it on when it is dry--although Bill makes a box for paintings that are travelling by public transport it can be difficult to manage a suitcase and a painting so  I offer a postage option.The painting will be well packaged and posted when its dry in around 10 days time.
Janet had met us at Burwarton show and came along with her 2 daughters Jaye and Liza--all were completely convinced they couldn't paint--how wrong they were! After the nerves vanished they settled down to do some stunning pictures.they cant wait to come again!
Carole 1 had joined us in August for Reeds in the Breeze-and came back with her friend Amy--who loved it and painted a beautiful painting-she seemed to find it very easy.Carole is back with another friend on 13th Nov .
Carole 2 was back for the umpteenth time after a break-she has been painting lots at home.
 June and Kira were back for the 2nd time, Kira wanted to do a pink painting to hang in her bedroom-and the barbie pink worked well-quite funky!
  Karen 2 was doing her 3rd painting, Hannah was back to do her 7th painting-her mum and gran stayed a while and had a coffee before going into town-then came back just before we finished.
We all had a great time-lots of laughs all day-and looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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