Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You cant go anywhere!

As the weather was soooo beautiful we decided to stay yet another night at Aberystwyth! A quick phone call to the pet sitter to make sure she could do another night sorted things out!

Today me and Bill decided to take a trip around the Welsh Coast, we ended up in Pwllheli where we had a lovely time walking around the market there-it was a lovely mis mash of stalls -a real market! We soon built up quite an appetite after walking round after the long drive-and found a lovely restaurant up loads of stairs , with a large window over looking the market--ideal for people watching.
As we sat there waiting for our fish and chips-a couple of ladies walked in--I said to Bill- ''shes from Ludlow'' after seeing a face I recognised! Couldn't remember a name for the lady but after we had our meal, I heard her mention an area of Ludlow so went over and said to her " you are a long way from home!"
She looked surprised but then laughed-and said ''Im Miss Waite''--then I remembered that she was my dads school teacher--she must be a good age now bless her! My dad would be 74 now!
My dad had brought her along to a family together a few years ago and she had loved meeting up with some more old students there!
Just goes to show you cant go anywhere where someone who knows you is as well!

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