Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Are Back!

We are back from our completly unexpected break away in Wales!
We had a very relaxing time in my friend Liz's caravan.
I had over 4oo photos of the stunning scenery -here are just some of them--starting for the ride up through the dams right through to the little pub we stayed at on the way home where we enjoyed stek and chips! That was a quaint little place--called The Triangle--its the only pub Ive been to where the loos are on the over side of the road-and there is a warning on the loo door warning you to look right and left before you step outside!
Another lovely feature was in the pub itself--to play darts in there-as the ceiling is so low(its a 16th century pub) there is a trap door which lifts up with a dropped floor to stand in so you dont hit the overhead beams when you throw!When no darts are being played the trapdoor makes the floor even again!

We were on Aber seafront on Tuesday night admiring the view and taking some photos when a little old man came along and offered to take a photo of me and Bill. Bill showed him how to press the button on the camera--we were creased to see him keep putting the camera up to his eye, we kept telling him ''you don't need to do that''-and he kept saying ''I can see myself'' it really was funny-anyway in the end he managed it bless him!We took loads of photos at Portmeirion where The Prisoner was filmed in the 1960's.
There was so much to see there-every nook and cranny had something to see-there were paintings on the ceilings of cave like structures, and weird statues everywhere!
The colours were so bright and cheerful, it really was delightful.
We have lots to get ready for the weekend now we are home, ready for the weekends Bishops Castle Michealmas Fair.

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