Friday, September 04, 2009

Just Giving--many thanks to you all!

What a wonderful bunch of people I know ---thank you all for all your help in this- especially Lin, Sandi and Lin--as you are all aware-a group of us have created a beautiful painting called Boob-tiful which is currently for sale on Ebay (£170) at moment. It finishes tomorrow night at 10.45pm.

One of the ladies who helped to create the painting is known as DaisyBev on the forum--she has set up a'' just giving ''page so people can donate as much as they are able to the Breakthrough Breast cancer charity.
Even if you just donate just a £1 it will help the charity-there are over 260 members of Boob-tiful fan club on Facebook so we should be able to raise lots of money!
Even if you are not a member of facebook you can still donate-I have posted the link below.


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