Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shells Wedding

We had a great evening on Friday -my daughters best friend Michelle was married- my daughter Becki was witness and we went along to the evening reception.Just
realised I didnt get a photo of the happy couple togther but loads of Becki, Shell and their friends! We didnt intend staying late as I had a class in the morning but we were having so much fun we forgot to ring and book a taxi--when we tryed to get one we were too late, so we stayed til the end and were prepared to walk the 2 miles home-until Becks friend offered us a lift and saved our legs--thanks a million Jane!
I loved the full size balloon bride and groom that were on the dance floor-they made a lot of entertainment throughout the evening with people positioning them in different poses( I will leave that up to your imagination!) and dancing with them.
We wish Stuart and Shell and baby Bella all the best for the future.

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