Saturday, September 05, 2009

Todays Class-The Waterfall

Well there were supposed to be 8 of them but we ended up with 6 . Hazel had to go to the eye specialist and poor Sally was ill this morning with IBS. Poor girl suffers with it terribly.She was so upset she couldnt come to class but she will be able to do this one again.
Everyone had been before except Susie.
Susie is Tonys other daughter so it was a real family affair today with dad and 2 daughters painting togther!
Gerry was with us for the second time-first time using oils, Paul for the 3rd time and Jenny who is friends with Sally 3 times.
Susie was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was-she said she hadn't expected her painting to look like anything really!
It was really interesting to see how everyone tackled it--Gerry was the subtle one today-there is always one who produces a quiet subtle painting in class.!
They all had a fairytale look about them-enchanted forests.
We had all sizes of waterfalls, from long to shorter, skinny to wide, but all beautiful.The time flew by today and although we didn't start until a bit later than normal we were finished around normal time.
The finishing touch that made everyones painting come to life was the addition of a little bright moon in the sky.The students all learned how to use several brushes and the knife and also the silicon paint moving tool which is very useful.We had some beautiful results in class today.
Tony bought along one of his paintings he has done at home-what a brilliant job he has made of it-he is totaly addicted to it and has done loads of paintings for his friends and family since he started coming to my classes.He should be very chuffed with himself!

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