Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterdays Birch Tree Class

We had a brilliant class yesterday-one last minute cancellation and one no show but there was still 6 ladies---5 of whom had never painted before and were completely convinced that they wouldn't be able to do it at all!
There were lots of desions to be made before we started the class--what colour and shape canvas they wanted to do, then did they want a pond or a path! After a lot of pondering we got there in the end!
It was great to see them all develop confidence as the class progressed- when the first row of trees went in they were all very nervous-when we got to the end of the painting when the biggest trees went in there was a tremendous difference in them!
They all quickly made decisions about where the trees, ponds and paths should go- and there were continuous laughs and chuckles all through the class with the girls!
Jan had nearly finished her painting and was just putting in a few branches as a finishing touch when she noticed what looked like a blackbird sitting in her tree! Several of the girls then had a closer look at their paintings and we spotted several animals and faces in their paintings also.
Julie and Jenny had travelled from Dudley to join us, Val and her hubby had bought her caravan to stay on a local site,Jan lives round the corner from us and bought along Caroline whom I went to school with and Kim lives localy as well.
Everyone really enjoyed it and wants to come again--we are looking forward to seeing them all again! Jan and Caroline are going to drop their paintings in here for Bill to varnish--and the others are bringing their paintings back when they come next time and Bill will do them while they are in class--all part of the service!

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