Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Great Fun at Onslow Park Steam Rally

Here are some of the happy students having a go at encaustic art--, I don't have photos of them all as Bill disappeared with the camera several times!
I do have all the names of the students shown, but they are downstairs on my notebook so will update this post tomorrow!
What I do know is everyone really enjoyed it-we had some stunning results.

Lin and Dave came over from Hereford to bring the cards Lin had done of the ''Boob-tiful'' painting for breast cancer charity Breakthrough,I'm so chuffed with the results of the cards-though she only had my camera's photo image to work from-I'm sure she will get better results from the pics she took with her rather better camera!
Lin stayed and took loads more photos of my paintings, glad she did cos 2 of them sold while she was there-both of which she had not got pics of before, they will make great cards!

Lin had a go at the encaustic art-she really was a natural at it, a crowd soon gathered watching as she sat ironing the wax into a very pleasing landscape painting in seconds!Her orange/brown lanscape was really stunning!

Dave went walk-about on the showground while we were talking paintings/photos/cards and really enjoyed himself-he was lucky enough to see the Grand Parade--its one of the most emotional things ever-they play 'Land of Hope and Glory' as all the steam engines etc go around the arena-it reduces me to tears every time-I try to stay in the marquee busy when the Grand Parade happens now! The same thing happened to Dave as he watched, its impossible not to get emotional-but he was bear hugged by a chap standing by him who said ''Im glad its not only me!''

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