Monday, September 28, 2009

Bargains To Be Had

We use these silicon brushes a lot in classes-they are great for taking paint off the canvas and leaving some beautiful effects-you automatically get a shaded side when used correctly which saves you having to put in shadows.

The ones we have been using in class come from the large supermarket chain Lidl and at the moment they have the sets back in at just £1.99 for 5 of the modelling brush sets which is great value as Ive seen them for sale for nearly £5 each on some websites.
I did manage to get a few sets from the Hereford store-but there are stores in the Shrewsbury and Kidderminster areas too-I know a lot of my students come from those areas and read my blog so hope you manage to get some!

They have a lot of art materials on offer this week-pretty sure the art stuff finishes on Wednesday--they had fan brushes and a mixture of flats and rounds as well-all for just £1.99.
They also had some canvas there but I haven't tryed them so cant recommend them as being good, but for the price they are sure to be popular-I think they were about £4.99 for 2 quite big ones.
I would be inclined to prime them first with some acrylic paint first before trying any of my techniques on them as some of the cheaper canvas can be a bit absorbent I'm told by some students who paint at home!

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