Saturday, September 12, 2009

todays class-birch trees

We had a real mixed bunch today in class-some did the sepia tones, some the monchrome , some the sage green and some (maisie and me )the bright pop art colours -pink and yellow!
Jan had treated her daughter Vicki and granddaughter Maisie aged just 6 to the class as it was Vickis birthday.
Maisie was a little star-she loved loading the paint onto the canvas-so much so that Bill had two hair dryers in his hands at one time drying her painting off! In between doing that Bill was kept busy washing sponges and brushes, and even doing a few trees on my canvas when I dint have time to keep doing them.We were using a 3 ft canvas so it took some covering at times!
Vicki didn't know anything about it until today!
They were up early to drive up from London-
My name sake Diane Jennings had driven down from Liverpool again for the third time-quite a drive for her- there was thick fog in Liverpool when she left and she met more at Prees Heath so not a good journey for her.
We also had Jess for the first time-we met her at Tenbury show a few weeks ago.
She took to it like a duck to water-Chris commented ''Thats scarey!'' at the end of the class when he looked at her painting and she told him it was her first ever! Big compliment Jess!

She has booked for the Poppy Field on October 3rd which makes that class full now.

Rhada had come all the way from Birmingham on the train early this morning so we had students from all over the country today!
Rhada wanted to make her painting lighter than the original green one-so she used a lighter green in the back ground-her finished painting looked very tropical.
Vicki loves colour as was apparent by her beautiful pink hair and bright pink boots-she wanted to do the monochrome version but wanted to add some red colour--the metallic red was ideal to paint the water-it really was stunning-
Chris asked about adding a blue pool to his painting-but I didnt think it would work as he was using the sepia shades-so he tryed the dark green--I still wasnt sure about it, but after he made it a little smaller with some sponging it was better. Chris does some painting at home and likes to try things out for himself and to be honest its good to have an experiment and just try things out for yourself..
Im sure he will go home and have a bit of a dabble with it! ;-)
All in all a great class- the Dec 12th class is now full- Jan is hoping I get a cancellation in Summer Day so she can join us!
Bill has cleaned all of the brushes while Ive done all my updating on my various websites , bless him-so we are off up to the local pub for a meal now-
we are doing this one all over again in 2 weeks time-had a waiting list for this one!

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