Saturday, November 21, 2009

Todays Class--Topical Sunset

Well I had 2 last minute cancellations-one from poor Rhada who has had a really bad migraine since last night and one from a new student Val who had problems with a relative who was ill.
However the four students who did attend the Tropical Sunset class all achieved great results.
Lin was convinced she wouldn't be able to take anything any good home-when she finished her painting she announced that she would be hanging her painting in pride of place in her front room-she has visitors coming for lunch tomorrow!
Lin has also booked in for the Stormy Skies and Grasses painting classes next year.
Bev is coming for a one to one to paint a large brown birch trees on 1st Dec and also the Mystical Moon on Dec 5th.Ive nearly completed the commision of Thailand for her,just got a few bits to add when the paintings dry.

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