Thursday, November 05, 2009

Our Last Day On Market

Well yesterday was our last day on the market--as it is now!
At the weekend the stalls are being take down and the new ones erected-we will be the first to try them out on Wednesday.
They are bigger with more overhang so the customers and us will be more protected from the elements.
We were able to spread out over to the next stall because Heather who is normally next to us was away.
We had a quite a busy day, the weather was better than forecast, though it was chilly than I first thought. We had the plastic sheets up at the back and side to protect us just in case of rain!
I sent Bill up home to pick up my tracksuit and I was soon snug as a bug.
We always have a laugh up there-you can see Paula , Chris and Jean on the photo! The cards have proven very popular and I'm in process of writing a list for Lin to print me a load more!

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