Monday, November 09, 2009

Pip The Parrot

Well Pip has settled into her new home beautifully.She has been chatting away all evening , and calling the cat! When she hears the song'' pop goes the weasel'' she says Pop at the right time!

We have taken them some of the food that we have our two on, so they can introduce it into her diet gradually.

Ours have a mixture of complete granule's which is basically a pelleted complete food, like you get for dogs and cats-and to stop them getting bored with that, they have Tidy Mix which is a human quality mixed diet of fruit ,nuts and seed-excluding the usual sunflower seeds that is found in many parrot foods
Sunflower seeds are said to have little nutritional value and are supposed to be not very good for parrots-though as Pip as reached the age of 30 and looks as fit as a flea it makes you wonder!

I'm sure she has had loads of fresh fruit and veg which would have made up for it anyway!

We also have sprouting seeds,pulses that are soaked in water for them until they start to grow-they love picking the green bits off them-so we have sent some of those round as well.

Also included in the bits and pieces we sent round are some calcium drops to help keep her bones nice and strong and some hard strawberry treats especially made for parrots! Ours don't care for them so maybe Pip will enjoy them!
For a treat ours love a quarter piece of toast with either marmite or lemon curd on it--and if they hear the one cupboard open where the crisps are kept they go mad until they have one.Its quite funny to see how they both savour each tiny bit of it and don't drop a crumb!
The birds live better than we do!

Bills going to cut a piece of our curly hazel bush to take round and put in her cage-ours love to pick the bark of it, keeps them occupied for ages.
I know Pip is already love to bits by them and us-she is a little darling!

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