Sunday, November 01, 2009

Feedback !!

I knew some students were nervous when coming to class first time but Patricks email (below) last night really made me chuckle when I read it!
Patrick is seen here with wife Linda having a look at the painting so far! Thankfully Patrick soon discovered there was nothing to be worried about!

Diane . . .

Well, what can I say!

As today dawned, I was filled with trepidation, somewhat akin to contemplating a visit to the dentist. How unwarranted was that! Creating my painting - under your watchful guidance - has been a marvellous experience. I really enjoyed myself, and Linda was impressed with my handiwork - which makes a welcome change!

All I can say is thank you. And, I must add, Linda wants the picture put up in our sitting room. How's that as a credit to your tuition.

Our best wishes to you and Bill. Hope the clear up of all our mess didn't take you too long.
Patrick and Linda

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