Friday, November 27, 2009

Latest Commission

Well Ive really got on well with the latest encaustic wax commission.
Smantha has recieved her Birch Tree commission last week , so I was able to make a start on her new one.
Its the biggest encaustic one Ive tackled so far-measures 105 cm x 70 cm. It will be much bigger after its been framed by my friend Steve who runs his framing business Framing Mad.Its having a large double frame in black and white and in the mock ups that Steve has sent to both Samantha and myself it looks stunning!
Ive recycled some card that was destined for cigarrette packets as I couldnt find any suitable card anywhere to do this on.
Ive painted over the red print with white acrylic paint so it dosent show through the transparent coloured wax.Im pleased with how its turning out-- Ive got a lot more to do yet, Samantha wants the red centre to be highly textured so that its touchy feely, so Ive got a lot of building up to do yet.
there are lots of faces and animals showing up in the wax already-the painting will keep them all amused spotting the various things.

Ive a few more days work yet , Im waiting to hear off Samantha about what Ive done so far.
As always with any commission I send photos of each stage so the commissioner can see what Ive done so far-I also print them off and send them with the painting so they have a record of just how it was created.

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