Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Times

Ive been busy getting a new commission done for Samantha who wanted a Version of a Squirrels Eye View.
I'm nearly finished working on it now, just a few more layers of trees to go in and then it can be varnished.

Then I have another commission to do for Samantha which will prove more of a challenge as its to be a copy of ''Fantasia'' an encaustic painting that has already been sold.
The new one will also be much larger and rectangle in size. It has proved hard to get the necessary backing surface to work on in the size required--but Freecycle came up trumps for me with a lovely chap having something suitable and just the job!
I had been hoping to start Lins commission last weekend but when I opened the new canvas that had been delivered I found it had a big tear right through it so had to wait until today for the new one to arrive.
Im hoping to crack on with that later today as well.

Tomorrow we will be down on the market trying out the new stalls-we will hav to get finished early though because we are doing show at Stourbridge tomorrow evening!
We will be pretty knackered on Thursday I would think!

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