Saturday, November 28, 2009

Medieval Fair In Ludlow

We are on the Famous Medieval Fair market tomorrow-I'm busy getting my outfit turned up ready!
Ive been loaned a peasant outfit from someone who does renactments-its just a foot too long for me!
It is very warm though so even if the forecast is right and its wet and windy I should be OK!
When we set the stall up we are completely enclosed and its quite snug in there.
Ive just finished making 30 bookmarks as Id sold out over the past few weeks-they make great stocking fillers.
Ive just got a few new price tickets to print out and I'm finished.
I'm quite looking forward to it to be honest. The town was heaving with people today-and there were loads of idiots parked where they shouldn't be making it difficult for everyone else.
There was no excuse for it--there is a free park and ride service--
There were quite a few tickets on the cars when we returned from town-and they only have themselves to blame.

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