Sunday, November 15, 2009

Serenity -Class of Nov 14th

Well I had my biggest class ever yesterday-12 students--some new -some old.
I gave the students a choice of colours for the painting--dusky lilac, grey,blue or green-its amazing to see how different they turn out with the different colours!
It was lovely to see 3 of the girls who we had met earlier in the summer at the Cottage Of Content meet where the Boob-tiful painting as created and the girls Rennie,Jan and Jacqui had all contributed to it!
John and Sybil we met earlier in the year at the Leominster Vintage club, and again at Tenbury show-they were convinced they would never be able to make anything of it but were very pleasantly surprised with their results! Nettie and her granddaughter Leanne bought along Anne- Leannes mum for the first time.Gerry was with us for the third time as was Liz.
Bill was supposed to have had his artists brooch from me for attending 6 classes-but I realised when I got home I had forgotton to give it to him so will be posting that off. Bev came for the irst time last week and booked for the Serenity class-then I had a call from her in the week to book some more classes next year , along with her friend.
Bev has commissioned a painting for her hubbys Christmas present-she bought along some photos of their favorite place--Thailand-so I will be working on that in between the other two Im doing!
Everyone wants to come and do some more classes--Gerry has also booked up for 2 more.
I must get the place numbers updated on my website today!
Ive got 6 in for next weeks Tropical Sunset class-funny -- a few months ago -6 would have been a full class--now it will seem like a small one after the big classes Ive had lately!

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