Friday, November 13, 2009

Lin and Daves Commission

I'm working on a lovely new commission for Dave and Lin.
Its quite a large canvas that is going to be the focal point in the room above the mantelpiece.They both loved my Poppy paintings with the textured melted wax centres, but felt the bright red wouldn't fit in so opted for the more muted softer shades of beige,cream, chocolate brown and a warm chestnut brown.
The painting will consist of many,many layers of paint-each one slightly thinner than the previous ones so the colour underneath will show through.It will change in appearance many times before it is finally finished.
I will finish it off with melted wax in browns and golds.
Lin has seen the painting so far s Ive emailed the photos to her and she loves it--poor Dave is still in hospital after his major op and fingers crossed- still doing well--I can imagine him playing the nurses up bless him!
Will be in touch with Lin after Ive finished doing this.
Ive added some special paste to add texture to the painting which will be painted over-this gives the illusion of the texture of the poppy's petals.
Ive not had chance to do any more to it since Tuesday-but will be catching up on Sunday.
We were on the market on Wednesday-new stalls leave a lot to be desired--we had to leave early as we had another function to attend in the evening in Stourbridge-it went well but we didn't get home until 11.30pm !So it was a long long day!
I was completely knackered on Thursday and have suffered with a stiff neck and shoulder since--its feeling better now thanks to some strong painkillers. .

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