Sunday, November 08, 2009

Summer Day Class

I had my biggest class to date yesterday--11 in for the Summer Day class!.
We had a mixture of newbies and first timers.
They travelled from far and wide to join us--Birmingham, Cheltenham,Rugeley,Walsall, Clun and Leominster!
Rose Hilda and Tara had been before and arrived in time to put the kettle on-they were joined by Hilda's sister Fran who had been very impressed by Hilda's previous paintings!
Beverly and her partner Duncan had a long journey to be with us-neither had tryed painting before---they took photos of every stage they did and have used their paintings as their Facebook profiles-they have made friends with me and tagged their pics on my Facebook!
Sounds like all their friends are very impressed and they even had a commission for one as a Christmas pressie!
Bill fetched Rhada and Gayatri from the station while I gave the canvas a coat of the special medium we use.
Jan who came over from Leominster, and has been to a few classes now(must take her artist brooch for her next time) informed me that she knew my mum well, after someone told her who she was! Its a small world!
Heather didnt have to far to come from Clun-she was very impressed with it all and we will see her again next week!
Sue came from Leominster and said she will be back with her son at some point!

Everyone was amazed to see how different the paintings were right from the start of the class-its lovely to watch how everyone tackles it differently yet the same as I have shown them! Results as always are very good-and eeryone went away happy bunnys!
Got an even bigger class next week- 13 of them for Serenity!

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