Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Latest Cards

I have a new card range in time for Christmas..taken from some original photos taken of the snow and frost last year. My lovely , very patient friend Lin has turned some of the snaps into wonderful Christmas cards for me...I'm chuffed to bits with them! Lin always gets my cards done in record time for me--for some reason the cards always run out all at once and I end up sending an order for 100 cards at a time--poor Lin works very hard to get them done for me bless her . They have proved to be popular on Facebook and I have lots of orders for them as I haven't enough here left at the moment...they are left blank inside so could be used for other occasions as well as Christmas..they are all of views around Ludlow so will be popular with locals and visitors alike.Above is the classic view of Ludlow taken from Whitcliffe--showing the castle, St Laurences Church and Clee Hill

The sun setting behind these frosty bushes look like they are on fire...
Ludlow Castle
The Breadwalk
view out towards Bromfield
River Theme
Ludlow castle
Ludlow Town. We are on the market tomorrow and Sunday and then the next 2 Wednesdays--then we pack up the markets until April.. as its so cold up there..It will be lovely to have some time at home to catch up with some new painting ideas for workshops! The cards are available from me at the markets and will be avaialble on my website www.paintingmyway.co.uk shortly..

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