Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas and Stuff....

We are way behind getting everything ready for Christmas in the house....I washed the curtains last week out of the front room and found after they had dryed that one curtain out of each pair had the hell did that happen? Very annoying! Couldn't leave them like that so off we went today to but some new ones---I joked with Bill that we needed some 'parrot dust' coloured ones as the birds seem to produce so much of the bloody stuff its unreal sometimes! It doesn't matter how often I hoover and polish there is always a thing layer of dust on everything! Anyway I decided on some lovely cream ones with a ''Paddy-- amazon  parrot'' green leaf on them in the end! And of course had to get some cushions to match them as well..Got them ironed and hung tonight,.just got to shampoo the carpets tomorrow and we can get the tree up...I will be packing away all my cat ornaments so the Santa's and snowmen can come out and then maybe I will be feeling a bit more festive...I'm off to see the specialist again on Monday, had a kidney scan last week and a letter came through the door on Monday saying I  needed to see the specialist again ---at 2.30pm on  that Monday!!! It had been posted 4 days before but sent 2nd class---and we had to be at Bridgnorth hospital at 2pm for Bill to see the diabetic nurse as he has had to start insulin injections so we could go to I'm now going next Monday to see him and see whats going on re my Polymylagia .kidney problems..looks like I have 2 different things happening at the moment. The steroids are working really well as regards the pain and stiffness in my body but they do have a side effect of making my arms and legs feel weak sometimes, and the tinnitus is also still with me on and off which can be a real the moment its quiet, but tomorrow it could be ringing away like mad..luckily I'm able to ignore it when I'm busy and it just bugs me when I sit down quiet..
I'm going to have to tie the rubber plant back in the morning--it obviously loves it where it is as its grown and grown--and as we put the Christmas tree down in the bottom end of the front room it will be in the way! I got the dusting and polishing done down that end tonight ready for the tree,,and am quite looking forward to getting it all up now...have bought some lovely new decorations for it as well as the old faithfuls that come out year after year.Well bed is calling me now...nite nite everyone !

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