Friday, December 16, 2011

Latest Christmas Cards

The metal benches have been in place up on Whitcliffe since I was a child....a perfect place to sit and watch the world go by....but not on a frosty day....would be a bit cold on the bum! I have sold loads of cards with this view...and haven't had time to get them onto my website yet--between face book and the market/demos they have been selling like hotcakes! And because they are blank inside they can be used for any occasion-not just Christmas!
This is one of the most popular views of Ludlow---looking down over the town off Whittcliffe--the castle stands out beautifully against the frosty scenery..
Lin has got my latest cards done in time for the markets and the demo last night....I just love the spiders web one--I hadn't realised quite how much detail I had captured on the photo til she sent me the cards...just look at the drops of water underneath the web-isn't it beautiful? 
This is another new one---I just love the little Tom Tits--we have loads of them here in the garden feeding at the moment...and I captured this little fellow last year--doesn't he look cute?Im hoping to find time to make a new page on my website in the next day or so to sell the local scene cards so keep an eye out for them...

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