Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snowmans Winter Wonderland

Way back in the summer I met a lovely chap called Trevor and his son Mark when on Ludlow market..we got chatting and Trevor asked if I could do a commission for him.     He explained that he collected Royal Doulton snowmen and every Christmas he set up a nativity scene with them and wanted a backdrop to put behind I got out my oil paints and a 36in x 14in canvas and got cracking!      Trevor wanted Cotswold stone walls, a 5 bar gate, hills and a distant village, all in shades of blue ,black and white. I was pleased with the result and when Mark bought his Dad to collect it -he loved it but I couldn't quite imagine it in situ with the snowmen!    How chuffed was I tonight to open an email from Mark with the photo of it in situ with the snowmen...Trevor had promised me he would let me see what it looked like...I love it! Thank you both so much for letting me see it---Happy New Year to you both, and I will look forward to seeing you both on the market again in the spring when we are back!

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angela-sowdon said...

This is fantastic Diane - I liked it when you first showed it, but seeing it as the backdrop for the snowmen really brings it to life. Next it will be penguins, maybe a nice tropical backdrop for someone who wants to lie on the lounger and sip tropical drinks!!!