Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reeds in The Breeze Workshop Dec 10th

Richard and his family , wife Lynn, 10 year old son Zak and daughter Alice have been to me once before last year to paint Mellow Moods.This year Lynns mum Peggy joined them--she came all the way from Didcot in Oxfordshire to join us...and would be here every week if she lived nearer she said bless her!
Peggy getting stuck in to her beach---she really loved it-after working in watercolour she found the oils really easy and forgiving..
Zak was very bold--as 10 year olds often are--they have no fears as the adults can do..its quite normal for all the adults to walk in the room terrified--after all --if they have never painted before-they have no idea of what to expect.All the nerves have usually gone after the first 5 minutes though,,,,after a good laugh with the'bashing' and 'tickling' brushes and a touch of the 'bush' brushes everyones nerves are gone for good...
Alison made a lovely job of her picture, she chose to add add a touch of purple in the sky-and she applied it very delicately...beautiful Alison-well done..
Jenny has been once before--to paint Grasses...using acrylic..This time she wanted a painting to match her bedroom--so she did the sensible thing and bought along a pillow case in the colour she wanted--a lovely duck egg blue.I quickly mixed up the colours for her and got a great match  for her..
I met Katherine on the market a couple of weeks ago, she is coming again next week to paint Squirrels Eye View.
Margret was a first timer--and loved every minute of the workshop--her hubby came in just before we had finished and was amazed at the results of everyone...sounds like he would like to have a go as well..
Julie was another of the first timers---she quickly settled down and produced a lovely tranquil painting
Jacqueline was another first timer-she got the hang of the knife very quickly--as did most of them today...sometimes the knife can be a tricky  tool to master.. getting the angle correct can be hard but we had no real problems today with it!
We met Alison at Onslow Park earlier this year..and she bought along her mum Pauline-who drove all the way from the Wirral to join us..both first timers--they were both very good and sat down after each stage-thus avoiding any fiddling with the paintings that can go on otherwise!
Ann was another first timer..and she loved it--and seemed to find it all pretty easy...

everyone hard at work...
wow--beautiful work everyone...
don't they look great? Well done everyone..

well done--some lovely paintings there everyone..

Alison and mum Pauline had to leave a little earlier than the others because Pauline had a long drive home--so I got their pics before I did the final line up--lovely calm , tranquil results--loved Alison's purple poppies!

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