Friday, December 16, 2011

Bridgnorth and District Art Society Demo- Wed 14th Dec

After a busy day on Ludlow market yesterday we rushed home  and got everything ready for the demonstration at Bridgnorth and District Art Society.. we arrived at 6.50 pm and were met by Sandie who had organised the evening.She kindly helped us unload the van..We soon had everything set up in the room -stands with paintings on , photos of students etc. 
I did my usual demonstration of The Waterfall and Summer Day..both went down well with the audience and there were lots of interesting questions asked ..I think everyone was surprised at the speed of the technique ,and also the lack of horrible smell that can accompany some oil painting demonstrations when the artist uses ordinary turps! Why some artists still use the smelly stuff amazes me---its very nasty stuff-very bad for you and your health! I always use low odour white spirit to avoid that!
The winners of the rafffle...Ann on the left was over the moon when her number was drawn...I thought we were going to have a few tears there for a minute...she had been over chatting after I had finished painting and had been saying how she would love to win the Summer Day painting! Her hubbys number was drawn next --it was their lucky night  but they kindly let someone else have a go for the Waterfall painting! Sandie won that painting and she was going to donate  it to one of the members who was at home poorly--what a lovely gesture.We had a lovely evening and the time flew by...we had a lovely moonlit drive home--and a lie in this morning which was just great! For once the phone didnt ring or the postman kock the door...and I woke up when I had slept enough!

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