Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Squirrels Eye View Workshop

We had a last minute panic on Friday when we found out that the room we usually use was double booked for a lunch party of  30....fortunately the other smaller room was available..but we only use that if we have less than 5 booked in and we had 10 booked for the Squirrels Eye View.....we had a lot more work to do when we arrived there--furniture to move out and rearrange...but we managed it--it was a bit of a squash but everyone was very understanding about it.Lunch was cosy to say the least! We had a mix of first timers and more experienced students-it was lovely to welcome Maureen back-she fell and cracked her hip back in the summer so hasn't been able to attend class for a while...also lovely to see Chris and Pauline back as well..
Maureen making a start..
Maureen,Katherine and Pauline adding the trees..
I couldn't get over how much Hannah had grown since she came to class for the first time 6 months ago--she has shot up really tall..She made a beautiful job of her painting, taking her time to make sure she did her trees perfectly..I remember when she came for the first time to paint Mellow Moods she excelled at her trees...
Katherine came for the first time last week,,here she is adding her trees, turing the canvas on its side as she goes round it.makes life easier!
Chris adding the sponging..
Sean came along with Wendy for the first time..we met them at the Food and Drink festival..both seemed to take to it quite easily,,,and they created some stunning pictures..both got their perspective correct and made some great shaped trees..
Wendy wanted to create a wintry scene and added some white paint to the end which worked really well...
Maureen had to leave a little earlier has her son had come to fetch her...didn't she make  lovely job of her picture?

Lovely results--well done everyone...that was the last workshop of 2011...I will be starting back on January 14th painting Mellow Moods..a few spaces left if you want to join us...

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