Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas--Feeling Festive!

Well at last I have got the tree up and am feeling a bit more festive! We have had a very busy day today--Ive shampooed all the downstairs carpets, cleared away all my cat ornaments, given everywhere a good dusting to get rid of the never ending parrot dust that gets in every nook and cranny, while Bill had the unenviable task of cleaning out the parrots cages and giving them a real good deep down clean!  Since Ive been on the steroids for the polymyalgia I'm better some days than others and have to do extra  stuff when I can.   On Friday morning I went out and for the first time completely forgot to have my steroids---by midday I had completely seized up and could hardly drive myself home.. a lesson learned the hard way--there is now a dose of tablets in my handbag in case I ever forget again! I'm seeing the specialist again tomorrow (Monday) so will know a bit more of what is going on....should have the results of my kidney scan as well..
The tree is looking all bright and sparkling--I like to buy a few new decorations each year--mainly in white/silver colours, Ive got some lovely cut glass ones for this year they are catching the light beautifully...
Now the cats are packed away and the Santa's, snowmen and reindeer are out its looking a bit like Santa's Grotto....we have the 2 little granddaughters coming down from Sunderland to stay  for a couple of days on the 27th Dec...they will love it!
We have a huge silver twinkling star on top of the tree this year--the fairy always ended up looking slightly drunk as she slipped from side to side and back to!

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