Saturday, September 04, 2010

Todays Class-The Waterfall

We had a lovely class today--everyone were first time students so they were all in the same boat!
We has met Jason and his mum Julie at Ludlow market where I have a regular stall on a Wednesday-they were pretty convinced they wouldn't be able to do it--and were very pleasantly surprised at their results!
Walter-we met at Shobdon food and drink festival,he bought along Miriam.
Caz we had seen at the market,she bought along Lofty Wiseman. And
Alan and Zoe we had met at Welland steam rally though we had been at several craft fairs together in the past-just never had chance to speak cos we were so busy!
Simone found me on the Internet! We had one no-show who had completely forgotten about today due to being very busy!
The name 'Lofty Wiseman' rang a little bell when I saw it-but I didn't chase it up at all--but after a few minutes chatting when Lofty and Caz arrived a few things started falling into turns out
Lofty is an ex SAS chap who has written several books and been in TV programs--his website is
there is lots of interesting things on there--

Lofty had us creased all day with his jokes-he is a real case--I was chuffed to bits when he bought in one of his new books and signed it for me as a gift-many thanks Lofty !
We will see Lofty and Caz in January for the Summer Day painting.
Alan and Zoe are coming back at the end of the month to do Winters Walk.
Jason and his mum are coming back after a look at the website-as is Simone--I have to check out my wax paintings to find one for her--I thought it was in the van-must be in the garage instead!
Walters daughter was amazed at his results when she came to pick him and Miriam up !
Bill picked Jason and his mum up from the train station this morning as neither of them drive-its all part of the service!
We had lovely results-all very different right from the word go--everything from bold to delicate-but each of the paintings were unique to the artist creating them--and as long as they knew what the bashing brush,tickling brush and bush brush did I was happy!

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