Monday, September 27, 2010


Garlic--its a bit like marmite--you love it or hate it--well here in the Jennings household we love it.. just have to be careful when we use it--wouldn't do to be breathing garlic fumes over potential students when chatting to them on the markets--or when I am doing a workshop!
We discovered this beautiful unique garlic last Christmas when shopping at Lidl's--it comes in a lovely basket-which is great for holding bits and pieces afterwards!

The garlic is unusual in that it is just one huge clove-not separate ones as is normal.You top and tail the garlic and take skin off and you have one whole HUGE clove--
Tonight I roasted 4 whole garlics along with some baby plum tomatoes around some organic free range chicken legs(only bought because they were reduced at Morrisons!) to be honest I have never tried organic free range chicken before--couldn't justify the price of it--but after tasting it tonight I think I will look out for it again--it was beautiful--so tasty and moist.Completly different to the usual  chicken we buy.
  A few oven chips and we had a perfect dinner!

One thing I have always been amazed at is the stainless steel soap that gets the strongest of smells off your hands--dont know how it works but it does--just wash your hands as normal under running water with it and in no time the strong smell of garlic is gone--far better than traditional soaps.
You can get them at Bettaware etc -and ebay I expect  as well!

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