Thursday, September 09, 2010

Demo at Alverly WI

We were at Alverly Wi last night to do a demo for the ladies--it was a long day as we had been on the market since 7.30am!

The ladies were quite surprised when I told them I would be painting 2 complete landscape paintings during the demo--right from start to finish in front of them--
I started on the black canvas first of all--my plans to paint the Winter Wonderland picture had to go as the lighting in the room was no great and the ladies would have struggled to see what I was doing--so I decided to paint the waterfall instead.
There was lots of chuckles when I explained we used a bashing brush and a tickling brush to achieve the desired results--but they soon realised why I called them that--
there were a few gasps of surprise when just 15 minutes later a completed Waterfall painting was being passed around the room!
Everyone was amazed at the detail I had achieved in it--the reflections in the water work really well on a black canvas.
After a bit more chatting I started on my signature painting "Summer Day" on the white canvas--and again in around 15 minutes they could see the finished painting!
We were then treated to some beautiful homemade cakes and coffee and the ladies were able to have a look at the paintings on display on my stands and buy some of my cards that I took along there.
The raffle was won by Dorethy who was chuffed to bits with the Summer Day painting she chose--the waterfall painting was donated to the WI to raise funds for their chosen charity.

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